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Press Ekopack 40



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Product no.: 5256

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Full specifications

External dimensions (LxWxH) - 820 x 570 x 1820 mm
Pressing chamber dimensions (LxWxH) - 600 x 400 x 780 mm
Packet weight* - 40-70 kg
Max. pressing force - 4 t ± 10 %
Specific pressing pressure - 166 kPa
Pressing speed - 3m/min.
Drive unit - 1,1 kW/3x 400V/50Hz
Electrical protection - IP 44
Press drive - 1x Electrical motor
Machine weight - 290 kg
*Package weight and its dimensions depend on the pressed material

- Hydraulic packet press with cross-section dimensions of the packet (600 x 400 mm).
- Suitable for department stores, collection centres, purchases of second. raw materials, supermarkets, warehouses, etc.
- Packet press with a pressing force of 4 tons.
- The press has a fixed press head and a split front doors.
- The upper door is for filling the press with waste material and the lower one is used for unloading the packet.
- The front door and packet tipping system allows easy removal of the compressed packet.
- The construction of the chamber allows 2x binding of the packet with PES binding tape or wire.
- The press has a solid and stable construction of the press chamber, on which the press head is firmly placed.
- The pressure is realized by means of a hydraulic cylinder with the possibility of regulating the pressure force.
- Possibility of ordering a trolley to facilitate the sorting and handling of waste.
- By reducing the volume of waste, space and costs for its removal will be saved.
- The press has high performance and simple operation.
- It does not require the construction of a separate foundation, only a flat paved surface is sufficient.
- Installation: a location with a 3x400V, 5-pin, 16A or 1x230V connection (depending on the type) is required.

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