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Introduction » Oil system » Filling stations, Pumps » Filling stations » Internal pump station 9000 lt


Internal pump station 9000 lt


Product no.: 3558

Variations of this product

Product no. / Goods name:
Internal pump station 3500 lt
Internal pump station 3500 lt
Internal pump station 5000 lt
Internal pump station 5000 lt

Full specifications

VOLUME (l) - 9000
MAIN DIMENSIONS w x d x h (mm) - 3250x2450x2950
WEIGHT (kg) - 490
PUMP OUTPUT (l/min) - 79

- Surface internal pump stations for diesel oil delivery with their volume of 3500, 5000 or 9000 litres.
- Double-case structure from a very high quality polyethylene, resistant to UV radiation.
- Thanks to its double-case structure they do not need any catching tub or trap.
- Simple installation in an open area without further requirements.
- They can be applied mainly in companies with vehicle fleet using diesel oil, as e.g.: smaller carriers, industrial plants, technical services, companies dealing with waste, bus depots, garages, docks etc. ....

Standard equipment:
- Sensor of liquid leakage between the cases (in case of liquid leakage it can transfer information to a distant computer - Watchman plus)
- anti-overfill device (mechanical valve closing filling flange on the tank).
- pump 230 V with its output of 56 up to 72 l/min  according to the tank type
- analogue flow indicator
- delivery hoses 4 and 6 m according to the tank type
- automatic delivery nozzle
- tank level sensor - Watchman plus, serves only for orientation level monitoring (accuracy 10 %)
- maximum tank level indicator
- lockable inspection hole (16")
- lockable filling pump (2 locks).


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