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Introduction » Prod. plants equipment » Cleaning and hygiene » First-aid kits » Life-saving case 438x566x216 mm


Life-saving case 438x566x216 mm




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Product no.: 7596

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Full specifications

Weight (kg) - 3,9
M.dimension (mm) - 438x566x216

Professional life-saving cases are suitable not only for professional rescue teams, but also for common use in extreme conditions.
- Perfectly airtight and watertight container made of strong polypropylene resin. Neoprene sealing in the case always ensures hermetically sealed contents, even during longer immersing in water. 
- Resistant to low and high temperatures, sand, dust, moisture and corrosion.
- Case reinforced ribbing ensures extreme shock-resistance and deformation-resistance.
- Case has a strong handle with antiskid finish. On-off locks with robust hinges and nylon pins guarantee perfect fixation in every situation.
- They can be closed with a padlock (not forming a part of delivery).
- Case is equipped with a pressure valve allowing quick balancing of internal pressure in case of a sudden change in altitude or temperature.
- Cases are without internal division.



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