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Introduction » Handling equipment » Ramps platforms » Loading platform 2.5 m /1 pcs./


Loading platform 2.5 m /1 pcs./



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Product no.: 3796

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Full specifications

TYPE LENGTH (mm) - 2500
RAMP WIDTH (mm) - 400
MAX. DROP (mm) - 750
WEIGHT/PAIR (kg) - 46

- Ideal solution if loading heavy equipment.
- Loading capacity up to 2800 kg.
- Its high safety if handled in every environment is ensured by special antiskid surface.
- Platforms will find application in heavy industry, business, building industry, etc.
- Apart from the offered products it is also possible to make a platform according to the customer's requests.
- Platform is in a vehicle in vertical position during the journey.
- It is fastened to the vehicle floor by means of a pair of fastening devices enabling its easy assembly and disassembly to the vehicle without using tools. At the same time the platform is equipped with safety belts serving for its fastening in vertical position against
swings arising during the journey. The platform is equipped with rubber silentblocks avoiding origination of sound effects resulting from shocks and vibrations during the journey.  
- Platform operation is very simple and can be performed easily by one person. Exertion while handling the platform is low thanks to used gas strut. 
- Platform unfolding is carried out after unfastening safety straps and releasing latches fastening the platform in its vertical position against unprompted unfolding. The platform is fitted for handling during its unfolding with ergonomic plastic grab handles on both sides.

Lower access section in the shape of wedge
- Double-sided bevelled section enables low angle for smooth passage from the ground to the platform and at the same time maximum range of tipping platform.  
- Antiskid protrusions 3 mm high.

Upper supporting section foot
- Foot optimized angle impacts favourably the transport by means of handling means with low section.
- Foot enables a wide range of tipping (vertical distance).  
- Antiskid protrusions 3 mm high.

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