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Introduction » Prod. plants equipment » Sorption agents » Sorbents » Loose sorbents - 10 kg


Loose sorbents - 10 kg


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Product no.: 6652

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Full specifications

Packing size (l) - Bag PE 20 l with a handle
Content of packing (Kg) - 10
Absorption capability oil/water - l/pack/ - 13/13

- Sorption granules from highly porous material ensuring good sorption properties and quick sorption.
- Efficient cleaning of oil spills and also oil emulsions from concrete, interlocking pavers and road asphalt.
- Especially suitable for removal of liquids from roads and hardstand – it cleans dry, cleaned area is not slippery.
- Chemically inert – can be used for majority of chemicals.

- Loose sorbents for drawing off liquids.
- Products manufactured by processing of cellulose, used sorbent can be burnt easily.
- Higher efficiency in comparison with traditional granulated materials.
- When used, it is not blown away by wind, treated surface is not slippery and after cleaning the surface remains almost dry.

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