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Introduction » Prod. plants equipment » Sorption agents » Sorbents » Spilkleen Plus (Spilplus) Type 7030


Spilkleen Plus (Spilplus) Type 7030


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Product no.: 7030

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Full specifications

Packing size (l) - Bag PE 30 l with a dump
Content of packing (Kg) - 10
Absorption capability oil/water - l/pack/ - 8/11

Suitable for indoor applications. Mostly widely used type, it absorbs water and also oil. Dust-free and non-slippery granules which do not fall into dust. These are suitable for areas with intense operation. SPILPLUS can stay on the floor all working day keeping warm, non-slippery surface staying dry after being swept at the end of working day. Clay coat of granules makes the dry product fire resistant. Ideal for outdoor use where it is difficult to fully clean off an absorption preparation. SPILPLUS is biodegradable causing no problems in sewage system.

- Loose sorbents for drawing off liquids.
- Products manufactured by processing of cellulose, used sorbent can be burnt easily.
- Higher efficiency in comparison with traditional granulated materials.
- When used, it is not blown away by wind, treated surface is not slippery and after cleaning the surface remains almost dry.