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Mobile garage - 5 m long



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Product no.: 4881

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Full specifications

Outher dimensions (mm) - 5000x2200x2200
Inner dimensions (mm) - 4840x2000x2000
Transport dimensions (mm) - 5000x2200x380
Weight (kg) - 720

- Shelter and garage structure is made from supporting sections of zinc-coated metal sheet 2 mm thick. They are filled with trapezial metal sheet. 0.75 mm. An assembled container can be transported by a crane or high-lift truck.
- Each edge is provided with crane fixing in order to be hung on a crane. The shelter floor is made of wooden boards 35 mm thick with a spline/plough system. 
- The floor load capacity 500 kg/m2. The universal shelter as well as mobile garage are delivered in dismounted state.

- Mobile garage is equipped with 1 x double-wing door on its shorter side serving to enter the garage and 1x double wing door in its side wall serving for getting off a vehicle. Entrance cross-section of the open door is 1930 x 1930 mm. 
- Door is provided with a cylinder lock and a handle.
- Mobile garage is delivered in dismantled state.


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