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Used cooking oil tank 200 l - Olivia free




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Used cooking oil tank 500 l - Oliv Box
Used cooking oil tank 500 l - Oliv Box

Full specifications

Weight (kg) - 40
M.dimension (mm) - 1400x1000x1250
Volume (l) - 200

 Tank consists of two containers. The outside one has a volume of 500 l and is made of a material resistant to weather influences and oil. The inner vessel is made of a corrosion resistant steel and has a volume of 200 l. It has a large oil collection hole and a watertight closed lid with an oil-resistant seal. Certified by UN/RID/ADR for safe road transport. A level meter with an analogue display and manually closed lid with an automatic closure. It contains a carbon filter against smell preventing also the insect and rodents from entering.

Used cooking oil is highly polluting waste and its pouring away into a sewerage system pollutes the environment in a considerable way and mainly quality of surface water and groundwater. The oil poured into the sewerage system damages operation of water treatment plants and its sediments clog sewage pipes. Being lighter than water, oil film is created on its surface preventing oxygen passage and causing suffocation of water organisms and plants. In case of oil appearance in the soil the thin oil layer is created between soil particles and root system of plants reducing their ability to receive nutrients from the ground. In case of contamination of groundwater underlying rock drinking water quality is reduced in the long term. One litre of oil can contaminate up to one million litres of water. In the sewage pipes the sediments are deposited gradually and the pipes are clogged, moreover these sediments serve as food for rodents. Despite effort of sewage treatment plants, a large number of household oil comes into our rivers, lakes and groundwater all the time.

Oil suitable for recycling:
- cooking oil after frying or deep-frying (sunflower, rape, linseed, palm, olive oil and the like),
- oil serving as food pickle (tins of tuna, vegetable canned in oil etc.),
- vegetable fats. All these oils must be recycled to ensure the right waste recycling and protection of the environment in which we live.
- standardly delivered with English stickers (can be delivered with stickers in different language on demand for a fee).

Method of emptying the tank:
- the tank consists of an outer tank and an inner metal barrel. Used cooking oil is then poured directly into the funnel on the outer tank. After filling up, the inner tank is emptied by means of an oil pump.

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